Have You Ever Written Short-Form?

What is it all about & why is there so much attraction? Well, to keep a long story short… it’s short😂❗

Jonathan Townend, RMN
4 min readApr 29, 2022


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😊Short-Form writing is about FOCUS😊.

Focusing Your Mind…

Conveying your point in just 150 words is a skill every successful writer should attempt to master. Each and every single word in a sentence should always feel necessary to the main point you are trying to convey, don’t simply use words as ‘fillers’ for a blank screen, to make it look better.

Although I can certainly understand that a blank page screen or a blank sheet of paper in your hands can be both daunting, and anxiety-provoking. This has been a common difficulty that I have witnessed over the many years that I was working as a mental health nurse. That blank sheet represents panic & emptiness to the person tasked with putting words on it. And of course, it is well known that anxiety rises with these problems appearing.

💥Blank paper➡feelings of emptiness➡despair (ahh, what do I write?)➡negative thoughts (I don’t know, I’m useless)➡increasing anxiety❗


❔ So… I’ll write anything, then at least it is not blank anymore, and then it wont be so empty will it?…

It may work for you, but in doing this, all it achieves is bore the reader, and chances are, they’ll stop reading it…

Then you have a problem because halfway down the page you might have written the single most important life-changing paragraph ever. Due to waffling on with your words though, once the reader stops reading, they will never have benefitted from those powerful words you wrote about later😨.

You certainly don’t want that as this is not the end goal of any writer is it?

If you have a sentence that is too wordy, it can feel clunky. Look at what words you can cut out to create a smooth, coherent sentence.



Jonathan Townend, RMN

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