The Benefits of Garden Therapy.

Mindfulness Techniques to Help You Manage Through Their Daily Lives and Toward True Happiness.

Jonathan Townend, RMN
6 min readMay 14, 2021


Photo taken by author, whilst walking through local common with his wife, providing a time for peace & tranquility.

There is increasing evidence that exposure to plants and green space, and particularly to gardening, is beneficial to mental and physical health, and so could reduce the pressure on NHS services. Health professionals should therefore encourage their patients to make use of green space and to work in gardens and should pressure local authorities to increase open spaces and the number of trees, thus also helping to counteract air pollution and climate change.


After having not really taken any notice of our gardens front, side, or back, over the past ten years of living within Bournemouth, it came as a disturbing shock to note that, over the time we had been in our home, it was beginning to resemble the forest that this area used to be much akin to looking many hundreds of years earlier in time. Nature indeed did seem to be chucking out a great big,

‘Hi there, I’m still here, are you, what about coming to see me at some point, you know, if you are not too busy huh?’

Much like the person leaving the empty toilet roll in the bathroom, in the hopes that the next person in there would take it away! It never happens, and before you realize it, you have the idea of watching re-runs of Blue Peter (1958–2011, now being shown on CBBC) all over again; just to come up with ideas over what to build with empty rolls and ‘sticky-back plastic.’

Author’s own phot of the back garden.

Until earlier this year I worked as a full-time registered mental nurse in various fields; the latter years being within the specialty of Locked Secure Care (for persons detained under The Mental Health Act 1983.) As with many nurses, the shift covering nights & days was 12 hours, with more overtime than you could handle. After coming home after your…



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