I have spent a full-time 32 years practicing as a Registered Mental Nurse. After Covid-19, I needed to give up nursing due to long-term disabilities. I now enjoy spending a lot of time concentrating on my content writing here on Medium. Why not take a look at my About Me article too? I enjoy writing fictional stories, many of which hold an aspect of mental health incorporated within them, as well as climate change & a wide variety of others too. Writing is one of those few treasures left in life for us all. An old favorite of mine before nursing consumed my life was everything fiction inclusive of general and science fiction - let your own imagination run wild & free...

I write about Space, Short Form, Earth & Climate, Conspiracy Theories, Mental Health, Electronic World, Medical & Alternatives, Earth's Historical Disasters, General Writing, Fiction, Everything Sex, Cancer, Covid-19 Pandemic, Transportation, and Abuse.

You may also be interested in my new publication called 'Creative Passions,' to which you may like to submit your drafts. If you are interested then why not follow, subscribe, or email me at Creative Passions @ creative.passions.writers@gmail.com.

I am also now the owner for The Shortform publication as of March 2023. Should you wish to become a writer for The Shortform then please email me @ theshortformpublication.writers@gmail.com, asking to become a writer along with your medium username.

'The English Channel on a calm, sunny day!

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Jonathan Townend, RMN

Mental Health nurse turned writer. Top Writer in Space. Owner of Creative Passions and The Shortform publications.