For the time of night, it was way past midnight, more like nearer 04:00, but the Hospital café was still bustling with waiting relatives and doctors sipping hot drinks, attempting to get away from the wards…

Photo by yeonhee on Unsplash

Just a few floors above the hospital cafeteria, the ward was eerily silent, but for the incessant ‘bleep bleep’ noises being emitted from the electronic monitoring equipment all lit by an array of red, blue, green, and yellow, status panels, that were dotted around the 4-bedded independent bay areas, giving…

Want to hear the condensed ‘me… let’s go.

51 years condensed into 150 words, that’s a challenge!

Writing for shortform is challenging in choosing words, and admittedly has been a worthwhile mental challenge.

I’m from Dorset in the south coast of the UK. I much enjoy my time through the days writing about mental health and many various topics of interest. Any time that is left is…

Have you ever watched the water drain down the bath?

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

Thinking back to childhood times I recall the bath time fun.

Can you remember the fun you had with bubbles and water? It wasn't all about getting drenched with your parents scrubbing behind your ears, was it?

Of course not! Having a young child brings fun for you both. We’ve all had fun in the bath with rubber toys, water-colored markers…

Premonitions or dreams?

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Do you dream when you sleep?

Do you recall them?

I wrote on one side of this topic:

Connecting with Joanne Olivieri on medium, I know I’m not alone in these dreams & premonitions.

Night-time can bring about a very different world to those that dream in various tones or…

Jonathan Townend, RMN. Founder -Creative Passions

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